Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My New Year's Resolution: To Eat More Desserts

My New Year’s resolution is to eat more desserts. It’s brilliantly attainable. I’ve had other resolutions in the past that have been far too challenging:

2009 – Go to the gym. Failed. Exercise is tough and should be reserved for experts who don’t injure themselves pulling their trainers on.

2012 – Write a book in a year. Failed. I spent the year writing stuff then deleting it. In fact I deleted stuff I had written in other years too. I ended the year on a negative word count.

2013 – Attempt some kind of diet, like the 5:2 whatever. Failed. I find it hard to remember I’m on a diet. Halfway through a pizza I get a niggling feeling that something’s wrong, but by the time I recollect the whole diet thing I’ve finished it off, had a few beers and got stuck into some Ben and Jerry’s.

However, during 2014, my eating more desserts plan is certain to be a glorious success. I might start small with some tinned peaches and custard. By March I hope to be enjoying regular chocolate tarts and trifles. As autumn kicks in I will be ending my evening meal by demolishing towers of profiteroles or eating tiramisu with my hands. 

At last a New Year’s resolution I can keep and one that can only end in happiness. Who’s with me?

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