Wednesday, 19 December 2012


This week I was teaching English to my sixth formers and asked them a very simple (and I had better add relevant) question that resulted in a surprising answer. I assumed that teenagers would be au fait with the latest trends in text speak. I stood ready with my board pen in hand to write down all of the wonderful acronyms and homophonic representations that they used daily. My lesson did not go quite as I had hoped when they patiently explained that they thought text speak was rather silly, was mostly used by their parents trying to be cool, and that they like to write in full, grammatically correct sentences. It would seem, at least amongst the teenagers I teach, that sending nonsensical texts littered with abbreviations is a thing of the past. The younger generation have been less affected by trends in Internet language than we might expect. All of which made me a bit embarrassed of my own punctuationless and carelessly written messages i mite well b goin thru erli midlif crysis lol asdfghjkl wld h8 dat xox