Friday, 14 June 2013

Exercise: listen carefully.

Recently I have been doing some exercise, which is painful, but supposedly useful in some way. I like to mix things up in the gym. Running is tedious and in my opinion only useful in prehistory for escaping enraged, oversized animals. Cycling gets in people's way. Bodybuilding involves too much shouting and protein. I like random exercises; so this week I experimented with kettlebells. If you haven't seen one, they look a bit like a shot put with a handle. You can do lots of exercises with them, which I would explain in more detail, but I can't because when they were explained to me I wasn't really listening. In my head I was already in the gym swinging kettlebells around and looking significantly fitter and cooler than everyone else.

In reality, as I am sure often happens, I got into the gym, picked up one of these kettlebells, swung it around a bit, and managed to pull out of a manoeuvre just before my left hamstring exploded out of my leg. It's still pretty sore, not that I am making a fuss, but it serves as a reminder of something important. Listening is good. Especially when physical activity is involved.

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